FedPay participated as the main sponsor, as well as a direct participant in the forum as part of the International Banking Forum "Banks of Russia - XXI century". This landmark event in the life of the Russian business was held in Sochi 7-10 September, 2016. The event, which opens the business season, deserves a full attention of the banking community, the authorities, and the media. The Forum was held in Sochi with the support and participation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the World Bank, and other international organizations.

An interview with Michael Brooks - “FedPay"

Payment System - World System

FedPay is now the world standard. You can make quick online payments, being completely at any point on the globe.

Full security

FedPay always keeps your personal information secure and ensures that your information can not be used fraudulently

Your safety is our top priority

We continually monitor all traffic on your account with regard to prevent any fraud activity

We will immediately block the account, in order to avoid further problems with your account

FedPay also requests additional information to confirm your identity and make sure your online account is safe and secure

Our company takes all necessary and possible measures to keep your account protected


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What is the advantage of FedPay?

FedPay - is a Russian payment system. We offer the possibility of opening a variety of credit and debit cards, gift cards and service payment cards for highly secure transactions. Our team consists of both experienced professionals with years of experience, as well as recent graduates, just starting their career. We pay great attention to developing relations with customers and enterprises on the territory of Russia.


Lost or stolen card?

The first and the foremost - stay calm. FedPay provides full support for its customers in these situations. Once you realize the card is lost or stolen, you should immediately call our call center 8 (800) 333-63-28 and report it to the operator. Your card will be immediately deactivated, and further operations with this card will not be possible. You will need to contact the card issuing department of your banking institution for re-issuance of new cards. We recommend that you store our call center phone number in your phone for quicker access.


How can I open a card with FedPay?

All you need to open a FedPay card - is to go to the nearest office of our partner banks with a valid passport and apply for one. Our experts will help you choose the right FedPay card for you. After consideration of your application a new card will be issued. For further questions, please contact us.


How FedPay can help grow my business?

FedPay offers you a unique web-based application for managing expenses and all your company's business accounts. This gives you the tools to better control the costs, maximize the efficiency, while ensuring that you have all the resources, tips and tools needed to manage expenses and track sales. Thanks to this program, you no longer have to worry about the connection of all the information about your spending together, because you have the ability to control all costs through your account and transfer this information to Excel for your convenience.